How do you feel knowing sexual exploration, currently still happens in 2020 ? Expect it is now being condemned by desperate parents, looking for a way to make ends meet. The economic situation in The Gambia is beyond outrageous, that parents have resulted to selling their children for as little as £2 to these paedophilic men and women; for their own satisfaction.

Before Thomas Cook was shut down, it allowed passengers to carry an extra 10kgs of resources needed by the citizens of The Gambia. Passengers would carry sanitary aid, school books, pens and other resources that aren’t in large supply in The Gambia. Two political journalist went undercover on the beach resorts that dot Kololi beach on the country’s picturesque Atlantic coastline, where Paedophilies were first spotted within close proximity with underaged children. Here they found out that children were being exchanged for as little as the equivalent of £2, simply to satisfy these individuals on holiday in The Gambia. As much as we want to believe that time has progressed, the further we look into countries like The Gambia, we start to realise that things are very similar to how they were 50 years ago. Young children remain at the top of the predators list and the government feels no way about it. Many turn a blind eye to what’s uncovered by journalists, if this story had made it to ‘BREAKING NEWS’, many more would be aware of its danger. The fact that children being groomed, by tourists out of poverty, isn’t a headline is sickening! In The Gambia, these sex predators openly target young girls and boys, abusing the laws implemented by The Gambian government. Although it has been reported that this sexual exploration has been going on for years on end, the government has failed to alert other countries of the immoral behaviour of their citizens. Nor have they address the economic situation, to help prevent this act of extreme desperation from the people of Gambia. Police funding needs to be increased by the government of The Gambia, in order to secure holiday resorts and prevent this act of slavery from occuring. The sun spoke to an individual who claimed that “they’re laws in place to stop these acts” they just aren’t being enforced by the government. Hence why, The Gambia has now become what he describes as a “paradise for” paedophilic behaviour. The desperation a parent must feel, to want to sell their child to make ends meet is appalling behaviour we must be aware of. The power of knowing your worth is one that will get you far in life, never reduce your worth to make ends meet, especially for another person's satisfaction. The government of The Gambia needs to do more to help its citizens, who are being  deprived of a good quality of life. Whilst other governments need to educate their citizens on the immoral, imprudent act of pedophilia, slavery and abuse.