Litter. Rubbish. Trash. There are many names for it but one thing is certain it needs to stop. Litter is terrible, people dropping plastic everywhere is harming animals because their bodies can’t break it down and digest it. Lots of animals tend to eat whatever they lay there eyes on so things like chocolate wrappers, plastic bottles, and beer cans can be very harmful.

Small animals (mostly puppies) tend to just pick something up without even thinking about it and swallow it. This can be incredibly harmful because they’re bodies aren’t made to digest things like metal or plastic and if it’s sharp enough it could end up piercing something inside. This would then need to be fixed with  surgery, costing a lot of money. So, it’s not just the immediate affects of littering that are bad, it’s some of the consequences of consequences that cause more damage.

Having a town or city filled with litter doesn’t look particularly pleasing to the eye either. This could cause peaople to chose not to live there or maybe causing sone people to move out of where they live just because they didn’t like the way it looked. Litter also carries germs and no one knows where these germs have been or where they could end up. This germs could enter animals or humans and cause illness or disease.

One of the environmental affects of littering is that it is a fire hazard. Many people tend to drop cigarette butts, and if not properly put out, could set something on fire. If dropped carelessly on the ground near paper it would set that alight, or even dropped in a bin that contains anything flammable. Without immediate attention small fires like these could quickly affect the rest of the area. Releasing more carbon dioxide into the surrounding atmosphere isn’t good either and some of the fires could release carbon monoxide which is particularly harmful as it stops people being able to respite (or breath). Smoke from these fires could also trigger people’s asthma.

Littering should stop. There are no pros to it and the list of cons could go on. It’s just not a pleasant thing to do so if everyone could wait a little longer to reach a bin or even pocket a food wrapper for when the reach home, our town would be pleasantly benefited.