We all think that we are free in a modern day of technology where we can leave reality  to find new things and explore our world. However this isn’t always the case, our ideas and actions are influenced by many things and people in our lives such as advertisement and social media influencers. 
People don’t realise that our minds are being manipulated cleverly by the internet and our world but company owners get psychologists to help subtly convey their ideas across to their selected audience without it being to in our faces. It could be something as simple as a photo on Instagram in which a shop or company logo is in which we don’t notice or something more in your face like a maxim. Pretty much every company has a slogan and all of them have a distinctive logo which they will use in all of their advertising schemes, and is also what gets in our heads when we think of a brand.
A lot of manipulation is based on social pressure and need to fit in with others around. A big thing right now with the younger generation is well known branded companies. People tend to follow the crowd in an attempt to become popular or idolised in society because people who are outside of this are bullied into having the same ideas as others around us. Some people don’t even know if they like the thing that they are buying it but they are buying It to fit in the society around them, this could be something like airforce1s which teenagers are seen wearing a lot and even though they don’t show much personality it’s something people still have. So do you really want it or are you just being told you do ?
Advertisers use many forms of manipulation to get new customers and to keep regular buyers. One strategy is intimidation, and although we don’t feel like the brands are trying to scare us they really are. They use intimidation and people’s fears such as illness, infection, failures and becoming a bad parent which are led off of peoples worst fears. It’s an idea of “if you don’t buy this then this will happen.” 
Social media developers use the  idea of praise to get people to carry on using the app, this is achieved through things such as retweets and likes to make people revisit the platform. If people don’t get a certain number of likes they may feel depressed of anxious about what they posted and change what they do to fit in and get more likes and comments. Also they have advertisements on most social influencers posts on what to do to be more like them it’s a view of “I’m perfect, I do this and you should to and you will become more like me”. This makes people feel like they can get more praise and acceptance from others. People shouldn’t have to feel accepted by everyone because truthfully, it is impossible. 
So next time you have a minuet, think to yourself. How free really are you?