Christmas is arguably ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, so it comes as no surprise that many people start putting up their decorations as early as the beginning of November to push time ahead. In America it is considered to be a general rule to decorate after Thanksgiving but since we don’t have it in the UK does the timing of when we do decorate differ? The first time I remember seeing a Christmas decoration was early November this year but personally I have a few Christmas related decorations in my room for most of the year round. Research has proven that putting up your festive decorations makes you much happier, but how early is too early?

“Christmas is in December and everyone who is singing Christmas songs now should be doing it in the same month as Christmas" said my younger sister (aged 11). She saw the first decorations in her neighbourhood two weeks ago (mid November) and when asked what she thought about it she said that “Christmas is something that should only be celebrated in December” she thought that it was “not correct” but didn't think that there were any other holidays in November that you would need to decorate for. She said that she usually starts decorating “mid December” and thinks that it’s good because some people who decorate in early November “take down their Halloween decorations and put up Christmas ones straight away which is too many decorations to worry about”.

I then decided to interview someone older, my mum, and her view contrasted from this. She said “I don’t think that it’s too early”. Furthermore, she said “in November and December the days are short and it can be quite miserable for some people and they can uplift themselves with Christmas decorations so if it makes them happy then why not?”. She saw her first Christmas related ad as early as September however she admitted that this may have been too early. She agrees with the study that says that the decorations make people happier and says that “they create a special atmosphere“ and notices how "other people feel cheerful around them”. When asked when she usually starts decorating she said “I usually start mid December however I don’t mind doing it earlier for example at the beginning of December or even November”. 

So in conclusion, many people have different personal opinions on when to start decorating for Christmas. Some think that doing it in November is too early whilst others believe that decorating for Christmas earlier can make you more happy in the short days and cold weather.  Are you someone who decorates for christmas? If so then do you prefer to do it earlier or closer to Christmas?

By Anna Antonenko