Gaming addiction by Zoirjon Imomaliev Right now, there are lots of children and adults who are strongly addicted to video game. Although video games are fun, but too much video games can be very harmful. For example, if students spent too much time on gaming, their quality of performance in school, college, and university will get worse. And in adults they will perform worse in their jobs, and possibly lose their job. As well as that they can seriously damage their health and wellbeing. How are we dealing with? Lots of people are suggesting the parents to monitor their children more carefully and make sure that their children are not playing too much video games. Also, NHS created a special department to help people who are addicted to gaming, which provides help to all people in need. Overall, I think, as everything else gaming time should be balance. So, the children should be allowed to play video games, but with limits on time, so that it's balanced. In that way we can reduce the amount of children who are getting very addicted to video games.