Residents living in Central Bromley were recently plagued with an outbreak of wasps, with the inhabitants finding as many as 10 wasps in the bathroom at a time between the end of August and early October.

As summer was nearing its end and the days loomed closer to another year at school, one household began finding wasps randomly scattered around the bathroom. The situation became worse and every trip to the bathroom resulted in the removal of a handful of pests, yet nobody knew where they were entering from so they kept flooding in for over a month. A member of the family, Masami Walton, said ‘It wasn’t scary, but more just overall nasty. It wasn’t that bad at first; there were only one or two at a time so I didn’t take that much notice but anything more than five was a problem’. When asked further questions, she told us ‘it was just disgusting in the end. They don’t hurt you if you don’t harass them so I wasn’t worried about that, just more the fact that they could’ve been crawling on your toothbrush or your towels disturbed me about the whole situation.’

When the family finally rang pest control, they soon found out that the wasps had a nest in the house via a hole in the wall and that the wasps stayed there as it was considerably warmer than anywhere else from the water pipes. After soaking the nested area with dangerous chemicals, the wasps now cease to invade the bathroom and the inhabitants live a wasp-free life.

In case this happens to any of you readers, just remember that:

  • Wasps do not hurt you if you don’t approach them
  • Wasps are not active during the night

And finally to ring pest control as soon as possible!

Leo Walton