Foreign exchange student interviewed by Zoirjon Imomaliev. Farringtons school is an independent, mixed gender and a great boarding school located in South East England, London. Every year there are different foreign exchange students from different parts of the world, especially students from Spain, one of them is Miguel Olay, and that's exactly who I am going to interview today.

Hello Miguel, so how are you feeling today? Miguel: "I am alright thank you, but also I am quite excited for the upcoming half term holidays where I will get to go back home and see my family, friends and my home city. I would like to start off the with asking you about the main differences between England and Spain? Miguel: “Well I would say that schools in England have a more practical way of teaching students, that I really enjoy. Another difference could be the food, I like the different foods in England, However I would still prefer Spanish food. Also, there are less students in the class, which I really like, because everyone has an individual approach towards them, which really helps you to succeed.

To finish off the interview I would like to ask you: if there was one thing you could change about schools, what would it be? Miguel: “I would really like the schools to start later, because many people are too tired in the early morning, so if there is more time to sleep: which means less people would be tired, therefore the students will have better grades.”