Germany did not really agree to an armistice. An armistice was asked for by Germany in 1918 and though there were a range of reasons why Germany asked for an agreement to stop fighting, only the main points will be explained in this essay. Before the armistice the war was a stalemate with many unsuccessful attempts to break the deadlock however eventually an armistice was reached which means there must have been some turning points.

One of the key turning points in the war which led to the German request was the arrival of the USA into the war on the side of the allies. Though it seemed as though the Allies were going to end the war soon , the USA entering speeded up the process as their army was quite vast and could have weakened the Germans morale entitling the civilians to a faster end to the war. The reason that the USA entered the war was due to their ships and civilians being murdered by the Germans who were suspecting them of providing supplies to the Allies so they attacked however Germany also hoped to ally with Mexico against the USA and so the USA declared war on Germany on 1stApril 1917. Though what the USA provided to help make Germany ask for an armistice was they helped bulk up the Allies army with both weapons and soldiers( over 50,000 a month to France) and this didn't have just a physical impact on the Germans but also a mental one as by the time the USA entered the war, they were badly fed and supplied due to the naval blockade and the Ludendorff offensive( to be talked about later) so they faced psychological effects which led to a lack of performance and morale thus ensuring Germany's plead for an armistice.

Another important factor of why Germany asked for an armistice was the naval blockade. This is a more significant factor than the USA's entrance into the war as the naval blockade was why the USA joined the war in a way as if they had not had such an effective naval blockade then Germany wouldn't have attacked all incoming convoys bound for the Allies including the USA's which means the USA wouldn't have entered the war. However it wasn't just Britain trying to block naval ports, both side of the war were trying to divert essential supplies from their destination as this would weaken the army and the populace so that they could be starved into submission. The British blockade had been ongoing since 1914 and was supposed to stop the Germans being able to supply food and supplies to their army thus weakening it and helping the Germans ask for an armistice. Like the USA entering the war , the naval blockade had mental and physical impacts and reduced morale helping to reduce performance of the Germans and ensuring their ask for an armistice.

Though the USA entering the war and the British naval blockade were significant turning points, the most important factor in the decision of the Germans to ask for the ceasefire was the Ludendorff Offensive which began in March 1918. This factor can be seen as playing the greatest role because it signified the end of the war because it crushed all hope that Germany had , first of all because it was going so well and was so effective and then crashed. The Ludendorff offensive was the usual bombardment and gas attacks but then it was different because instead of sending out infantry, there were smaller attacks of highly skilled 'storm troops' who started a heavy fog and it stopped the Allies putting together all of their defences in a single space which meant the Germans could break through the front lines and fire at Paris heavily, however this was the last victory the Germans were going to have. They had lost over 400,000 men in getting this far and because of previous causes and failed offensives they were not able to gather reserves and end the stalemate. As well as this they were a badly supplied army coming up against well fed and well – supplied armies which meant that the Allies counter-attacked and this was the German army's black Day which led to their defeat and their asking for an armistice on November 11th 1918. 

to conclude, Germany asked for an armistice in 1918 because of many consequential reasons. The naval blockade caused the Germans to attack the USA and the consequence of this was the entrance of the USA into the war which in turn was then significant to causing the defeat of the Germans through better equipment and resources to bulk up and improve the British army and the Ludendorff offensive was the most important reason as it was the actual end of all the consequences and actually produced a result, however the terms of the armistice could have been argued to cause WW2,but that's another essay. Germany agreed to an armistice because of a lack of everything, morale , soldier , supplies , food and an excess of mistakes like the preparation of the Ludendorff offensive which signified the defeat of their army and their side of the war, also they knew that they hd no chance of winning the war which what provision they had left so this is why they agreed to an armistice.