What is 'World Water Day'?

'World Water Day' is an annual festival celebrated on every March 22nd, this was observed by people and organisations across the world. This was declared to promote importance of water.

How 'World Water Day' affects us?

'World Water Day' affects us in various different ways such as the thoughts on water as a whole and how it should be treated. This helps us appreciate the true value of water and how we should appreciate the process it had come through.

What can you do to participate in 'World Water Day' ;

- Go Blue - This means to try and save as much water as you can

- Share it to your friends so that they can participate by saving water

- Share the crisis behind water and how it could or affects us on an everyday basis

- Donate to an organisation of choice and help raise much as possible to prevent the water crisis

Most of all, teach surroundings about the importance of water, how it could affect them and the countries which are in water crisis currently.

Why Should You Participate In 'World Water Day'?

Currently, there are many countries which are in water crisis, which means that it is very difficult to find water - healthy and clean water, if you participate in the 'World Water Day' campaign it helps fundraise for organizations such as Unicef, WSSCC and more to find more solutions for finding clean water for the countries or to send clean water for the people suffering from water crisis.

How it benefits the world?

This campaign benefits the world as countries which are suffering from water crisis get help and donating to the fundraisers help as they can find new solutions which can be used to find a good source of clean and healthy water and so they do not face a water crisis.

Overall, from reading this article I hope you acknowledge the significance of 'World Water Day' and how important and helpful it is to participate in 'World Water Day' to make the world more planet-friendly and to help find clean water for countries suffering from the water crisis.

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