Over three years ago, thousands of young people across the country sat watching the flood of votes shouting ‘Remain’ or ‘Leave’ in relation to Brexit with no ability to change the outcome. Now, they demand change. Contrary to the belief that young people are “politically inactive” and only care about social media and the “ice bucket challenge”, teenagers are marching for a right to change the outcome of the 2015 EU Referendum demanding a people’s vote.

The outrageous portrayal of young people as naive and ignorant and as only caring about their digital world is too often used as an image in the media however this could not be farther from the truth. With over one million people challenging Brexit at the People’s March (including thousands of teenagers) ,one could not possibly question the passion young people have for their future and undoubtedly, the far reaching impacts which will affect the country’s economy.  Twenty First Century teenagers are in deed extremely in touch with the modern, developing word around them and the explicit impacts on young people if we were to withdrawal from the European Union such as the Erasmus University Scheme which is inevitably going to affect university students across the United Kingdom.

Accompanied with placards and a voice, on Saturday the 23rd of March people across the United Kingdom marched from London Victoria to Parliament Square demanding to revoke Article 50. A teenager I interviewed on this remarkable day described the event as “a positive and inspiring event and one in which she hopes will change political events in the future”. This was not for status amongst friends, for being ‘cool’ nor for ‘enjoyment’ when thousands of students have exams to be pursuing. Rather, this was for our future, your future, the children’s future.