Last week conmenced the begining of the week long performances in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust at the Royal Albert Hall. I went on the first in which Rudimental and supporting acts Ghetts and Amaria performed.

The Teenage Cancer Trust supports teeanges diagnosed with cancer throughtout the UK. Providing specialist care and support. This trust is very important as teenagers are usually neglected when it comes to cancer care. They are too young to be admitted into adult wards and unable to comfortably socialise in the childern ones. This trust steps in providing a safe place for the individuals (as they come first) and specialised treatment.

The night started off with a peformance from Amaria, the winner of the CBBC television show, Got What It Takes?. She showcased music from her upcoming R&B album. Despite being such a young performer she executed her songs beautifully. The perfect way to open the concert.

After the interval Ghetts performed a few songs from his critically acclaimed album the Ghetto Gospel:New Testament released last year. Despite being a fairly underground artist, Ghetts captivated his audience with his music with its themes of feminism, black and UK culture, philosophy and the rise of social media. His lyrical quickness and energy he brought on stage along with features from other artists provided excellent entertainment. Those who did not know Ghetts before the night, certaintly did afterwards.

Finally the main act of the night took the stage and instantly the the crowd came alive. With features from Anne Marie and John Newman, Rudimental went throught their entire discography, finishing with their very first song, Waiting All Night.  Their firely stage prescences and electronic beats touched the hearts of many of those attending, with many donating into the buckets, buying merchandise, or calling in.

The fact that this was only the first day of the week long performances happening at the Royal Albert Hall, shows how great it is when people come together for a good cause. Before Rudimental entered the stage, we were able to visually see the effect of our donations as people who benefitted from the trust came on to say a few words. It was a very moving moment as they loked onto the audience gratefully.