30th March 2019

Living In Bexley 

Being a resident of Bexleyheath brings benefits as well as drawbacks. From open parks and spaces to relax and enjoy time with family, to traffic and build ups due to roadworks. 

 One could agree that Danson Park has lots to do, from water-sports such as Sailing to Fun Fairs and activities for children. Bexleyheath has a good selection of shops and eateries which attract local residents. 

 Danson Park and Hall Place are great open spaces for relaxation and park walks during warm seasons. Louise Gregory, a Bexley resident, said, “Hall Place has a beautiful, historic house and a brilliant Owlery.”. She also commented, “ I love shopping up Bexleyheath but I avoid the shops like the plague because of the crowds.”. 

I myself being a resident as well, believe there is not enough parking spaces and there are always road works in local areas which cause delays with transport. 

 Despite some of the negatives living in Bexleyheath, I feel that it’s still a very pleasant, family orientated, low crime Borough. If you would like further information regarding Danson Park or Hall Place, please visit the links below: 

Danson Park Watersports Center- 

http://Web resultsDanson Park Watersports Centre | London Borough of Bexleyhttps://www.bexley.gov.uk › services › d...

Hall Place-

http://Web result with site linksHall Place and Gardenshttps://www.hallplace.org.uk