Fun. Fabulous . Fantastic. These are just three of the words that I could use to describe what happened on the 9th March 2019. I bought some tickets for the Glamour Beauty Festival. It's an event held by Glamour Magazine every year and it was enjoyable , to say the least. I had never been before but it was pretty clearly explained. What happens is that you turn up and have the time of your life. You get pampered, goodies and treatments that ' leave you looking like a million pounds '. 

As my mum and I stood outside the Saatchi Gallery wondering what was going to happen , we got some leaflets and our luminous wristbands. In the leaflet , there was a list and a map of where all these massive companies were going to make us feel relaxed and luxurious for as long as it lasts. As we were planning the route we were going to take , one thing caught our eye - the nails area. So it was the very first place that we went. We got our nails done and then we moved on. As I waited for my mum to finish up hers - I went and got the goodie bags that were worth over £160. They were way too heavy and I should have got them at the end but nevertheless , we struggled on , ladened by what felt like hundreds of goodies. While I was at the top floor , I got myself some free frozen yoghurt ! There were some girls walking around giving chocolate and crisps to everyone waiting in queues. 

We then went to the Boots Beauty section and although it was a little bit crowded, the atmosphere was phenomenal with music pounding through every cell of your body. We got some samples from the Boots pick and mix and I got my eyebrows done. We also went to the skincare section and got a bunch of facials done as well as picking up some Pixi sheet masks and Antipodes goody bags. 

Not just this but we also got to get our hair done. I went to Schwarzkopf and got my hair curled and coloured with some of their products ( as well as some crazy pink extensions ) and my mum got her hair braided at the Maui Moisture braid bar. We checked out the Ellie Saab fragrance bar and picked up a small scent - it was heavenly however. There was also a few alcohol popsicles for us to take and some crisps. My mum got her eyes done at Huda Beauty and they looked pretty good. 

Although by far and the best in my opinion, was the Molton Brown srote. They had a sort of quest for adventure. You got a hand massage with their new scent Suede Orris and then got your picture taken at their photo booth and THEN got to pick out three deluxe samples of their shower gel. 

Make sure to have all your social media ready to follow the brands because you get a few extra additional goodies if you do so . Also make sure you know which queue is for what because you only have four precious hours in that magnificent place and you must make use of it. All in all , I really enjoyed the place and the event itself and will definitely try and go again next year to the 2020 one.