‘I should be extra careful today. My horoscope said that I am at risk of having a major accident – I need to avoid that at all costs!’.

Horoscopes are a foresight into someone’s future, depending on that person’s date of birth. It reveals what will happen to us circumstances-wise and can also determine our characteristics (all Taurus’ are supposedly patient, reliable, warm-hearted and loving and are also usually jealous, self-indulgent and greedy). To be honest, as a not-so-religious girl, I find horoscopes quite useless and irrelevant in my daily life. ‘Oh no, I scored below 70%! Curse you, stars!’. They don’t help me in any way – if there’s anything good predicted about my star sign, I’ll most probably brush it off; if there’s anything bad written about me, I panic. A lot. And I’m sure that’s not just me – 1000s of people pick up the newspaper on the way to school or work and read what they may experience during their day.

Growing up in quite a religious family, I was brought up to believe horoscopes. So, as a child, I believed that as I was born on a certain date and at a certain time during the day, my personality was decided then. Reflecting on that, I now believe that circumstances and my upbringing moulded me to be who I am. Think, everyone with the same birthday will act the same way, meeting the same hurdles everyday and overcoming in the same way – this just juxtaposes the fact that all humans are unique. No individuality will make this world a boring place.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against horoscopes – there are sometime when it is accurate but most of the time, quite wrong. Personally, I believe I’m a mix of all star signs – I’m easily led (Pisces), I like to think I’m honest and good-humoured (Sagittarius), I’m usually loyal (Aquarius), moody (Cancer), and I believe I’m quite practical and analytical (Virgo).

Be yourself and you’ll find yourself doing really well in life – don’t let horoscopes predict your future for you.