‘Don’t go anywhere’, ‘All my guys are ballers’, ‘Cash me outside,how bout dat’ all phrases familiar to the internet generation. Whether these phrases will still be relevant in even a few weeks time is unbeknownst to anyone. Trends come and go, with no clear way to tell when, how or who will start the next. Within the last decade communication has become simpler and faster. Inevitably, with this new age of speed and accessibility things are spread across the internet and social media in a matter of seconds. Does this necessarily always have bad effects?

The internet has allowed passage for regular people to become famous or known, whereas without the internet and social media the reach to fame would be much harder.These people who have become internet successes via Instagram, Youtube,Snapchat and yes even TikTok can have their lives changed.An example of this would be Danielle Bregoli, now a rapper after starring in the infamous Dr Phil show. The ever growing  development of technology allows expansion of accessibility to others around the world, however it is not always for the best. The most recent example of this would be the threat of Momo, a horror bird-like character promoting self- harm and violence. With so much changing and going on it is impossible to keep track of what people are being exposed to on the internet and in cases like this it becomes a danger. Like the world we live in today the internet consists of both good and bad things that could both positively or negatively impact us. One main positive effect of social media is the climbing awareness of problems and issues affecting society today. With issues like mental health or oppression being discussed more than ever before.

Amongst the youth today social media leads an important role in everyday life. Between applications like Snapchat and Instagram videos, photos and news spread like wildfire. Because of this it is easy for people to get sucked in and become addicted to their phones.

With the introduction of the feature screen time on Apple devices, where the amount of time spent on your phone a day and apps used are tracked, could Apple be trying to combat mobile phone addiction? ‘I have to admit it is always surprising seeing just how much time I spend weekly on social media, when it doesn’t feel that long at all,’ a quote from Suhani Anand, aged 14. For many this is the same. So where everything is accessible with the internet, how will it continue to affect our daily lives?