Sevenoaks proposal for Whiteoak leisure centre Sevenoaks district council has proposed to build a new and modernised leisure centre in Swanley. This is because White Oak Leisure Centre has been an important part of Swanley for over 50 years and due to it age, the building is slowly coming to the end of its life.

As it Is known that Swanley residents have no wish to lose the leisure centre for good so Sevenoaks District Council is proposing a new centre with modern facilities such as; parlour and Tag active as well as a new gym and swimming pool. This will be set to take place next to the old leisure centre ensuring that there will be a minimal time that the centre will be closed for the public.

There proposal includes;

• Building a modern leisure centre next to the existing White Oak Leisure Centre.

• Provide modern facilities that better reflect today’s leisure interests.

• 100 station gym.

• A six lane, 25 metre swimming pool.

• A learners pool.

• Tag active and parkour facilities

• Parking for 153 cars

 • New homes on site

And much more. However, due to the smaller leisure centre there will be a lose in clubs due to the plans no consisting of building a sports hall for these clubs and classes to continue. There has been offers for the clubs to take place where else to ensure that they will still keep up and running.

At a recent meeting I spoke to a representative member of Sevenoaks District Council and he informs that clubs and classes will still be run but sanctioned somewhere else. He also informs that there should be a little or no increase in the costs for facilities use such as gym memberships or swimming lessons and that it should stay near enough the same prices as before.

More information and dates can be found at Sevenoaks District Council official site at .

By Kaitlin Chapple-Allen