Kiss Me Quickstep is a charming rendition of the play by Amanda Whittington, showcasing a bitter pill or reality behind the blinding glamour of show business. It dives unreservedly into the lives of three couples for whom dancing is everything, and depicts them working through their problems in a heartwarming, realistic way which will carry a bite of relatability to every member of the audience. The bedazzled emotional rollercoaster is complemented with the stunning dance sequences, where they move with coordinated, graceful perfection that shows off their skills to their truest extent.

Samatha (played by Michelle Bishop) cannot perform on stage without a shot of vodka in her water bottle, and her problems with combating addiction cause her to leave the dancing scene, despite her talent. Nancy (Abigail Middleton) is forced to fight the pressure of an over-controlling dominating Dad, who does more harm than help to her career. Jodie (Vickie Lee Taylor) and her husband Justin (David Burch) have to perform with the crushing weight of financial instability that might cost them the thing they love most - dance. The pressing need for sacrifice is unrelenting - Justin must perform even though his knee injuring keeps in debilitating pain.

Madhavi Thatikonda, who has seen this play, remarks - “It was just beautiful - the lights, the dance, and the emotion, they were just touching.”

Altogether, Kiss Me Quickstep is a disarmingly honest, delightful play about the lives of performers when they are off stage. The searing portrayal leaves the sequinned memory unforgettable for every watcher.