On 28th February 2019, DGGS were fortunate enough to access a most fascinating workshop for those interested in medicine, Operating Theatre live. The workshop was initially offered to year 12’S however after an expansion in the capacity of students who could take part, the workshop was also offered to year 10’s.

The workshop started off at 9, kitted up as if a surgeon going into surgery. We were then giving some information in order to aid us to fill in booklets we had been given upon our entrance, and then told too work on communication skills to our ‘patient,’ and prepare them for surgery. After a short break and between guidance about the anatomy of the body and antibiotics, we then worked on the dissection of a pig’s head and pigs lungs liver and heart. Finally, to top of the day the body organs of a mammal was carted in and we were shown what each part was, and its function. (We were also allowed to feel it and discover the body for ourselves).

Overall, the day was an extremely fun and memorable experience. The day was not only interesting and enjoyable I also could revise my knowledge of certain parts in the body and not only apply this knowledge to biology but also psychology. At first, I was not keen at the thought of dissection due to the putrid stench however thankful to wearing mouth masks the stench was not overwhelming. The dissection also enabled me to connect with other students as it was something which required team work. Seemingly, many teachers were also very interested as they came to join and overlook throughout the day. A fellow student who participated during the day said ‘That was so much fun, I would definitely do this again. It wasn’t just fun though I actually learnt new things about the human body’.