Here is a list of small things that can have a positive effect on our earth.

1. plant a tree ||

__________________________________________________________________________________ planting a tree heps to reduce the CO2 levels in the atmosphere, which is one of the contributing factors to global warming. also, if you plant an apple or lemon tree, you dont have to continuously get store bought fruits, benefitting you as well!

2. donate to a small charity ||

_________________________________________________________________________________________ alot of people donate to big popular charities, but the small charities are usually the ones who have a higher demand for funds. donate money to small charities in your area so they can get that extra push and help them fund for a good cause.

3. donate old clothes to childrens hospices ||

________________________________________________________________________________________ if you have clothes that you dont need or want anymore, put them in a cardboard box and donate them to the nearest childrens hospice. if you don't have a childrens hospice in your area, you could mail it to one somewhere else. this saves the hospice from spending all of their donations money on clothes, instead of medical equipment and other essentials.

4. take up gardening ||

______________________________________________________________________________________ this is not as hard as it sounds. planting small store bought seeds of flowers and fruits can save lots of money (as shown in tip 1), effort and reduces large companies who exploit their workers from benifiting from the greens.

there are many other tips to help our earth, but its good to start here. together we can make a difference!