On March 8th, Disney Studios' "Captain Marvel" is to be released, and many Marvel fans are already excited for the release of such a long awaited movie. This is the first time a Marvel female superhero has had a lead role in a movie, and this movie portrays female superheros in a much less patronizing way than movies have been doing for the past decade. Women and girls across the world are going ro see a powerful female role model, inspiring them to acheive greater in their lives and finally give more representation in popular hollywood films to help many minorites feel included and valid.

Brie Larson, the acter for captain marvel, says that "There is a through line highlighting the incredible women that we have in the air force, but the other thing for me that I love about that, is that she is incredible in breaking barriers and doing amazing things even before she had super powers,". This helps women and girls to feel great about themselves with pushing unrealistic standards and expectations for them to meet.

As we get further into the year, we should be expecting more representation from the media, as well as a progression of equality for all races, genders, identities, religions and more, and people will ot be as close minded as they were many years ago.