Earth Hour is a campaign hosted by WWF to raise awareness of Climate Change and the Natural World. This is celebrated on Saturday 30th March by inviting people to switch off their lights.

How "The Earth Hour" campaign affects us?

The Earth Hour Campaign affects us in many different ways. These include; "we’re fighting for our world" message is sent across Sydney Opera House all the way to Edinburgh Castle which had helped the WWF to find solutions for the environmental issues internationally, forests in countries such as Uganda.

Ways to participate in Earth Hour Campaign;

- Recycle

- Use Water Efficiently

- Unplug appliances which are not used

- Buy wisely and appreciate its process of production

- Try to not to frequently use vehicles which emits       more greenhouse emissions

Most of all, Celebrate "Earth Hour" with millions of people by switching off your light on the 30th March

- Fundraise for the Earth Hour

Why should you take part?

In this current moment, there are forests being cut down, filling oceans with hazardous plastic, this causes many wild creatures to become extinct, and this needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. 

How Earth Hour benefits the world and us globally?

When we thrive for a protest as a team we have a stronger voice which will be heard, this is proved by the aid of WWF last year, these are creating a climate policy in many countries such as Russia and Argentina and making the world planet friendly.

Most people who participated in Earth Hour get motivated to do more to make the planet-friendly.

Overall, from reading this article I hope you acknowledge the achievements of the Earth Hour and how important and helpful it is to participate in Earth Hour to make the world more planet-friendly.

Donate to WWF with the link below: