Buy products that are locally sourced. Save your environment, and your communitys future.

Buying from local vendors cuts down fuel emission, meaning less suffocating air, and helps biodiversity in the area, meaning healthy soil and preventing widespread plant disease. Not only this but your local farms and orchards will benefit from this and the food they supply for you. You're supporting your local economy! It's easy to buy locally sourced food; for example, your local food market is an easy and effective way to buy food you know hasnt been tampered with and is fresh.

It can be even easier! Your local supermarket will also provide you with locally sourced food. An example of this is Asda. Asda has stated that they are "committed to working with local suppliers." They are currently working with 600 local suppliers in the UK, stocking them with over 6,000 different local products, and with Swanley having an Asda right in the centre its easy access and convenient. Swanley often has food markets every Wednesday in the town centre. The benefits of buying locally grown foods include: locally grown food is full of flavour, eating local food is eating seasonally, more nutrients, supporting the local economy, benefiting the environment, safer food supply and local growers can tell you how the food was grown.