Sometimes when I am trying to do somebody work - something comes up. It could be anything , be it someone talking or having to help someone or go out for somebody events of some kind. However when this sort of disturbance comes up it can be very unexpected. 

In our life we have so little time and so many things to do so sometimes we have to prioritise. It’s a pretty hard thing to do because we want to do everything but we can’t .

Sometimes the things that we have to do are things we don’t like so it isn’t better to get it over and done with.But what if you can’t ? Like studying for example ? It is a long process and you can’t just be finished with it. It’s bothering - I know . 

However it’s just better for you to  think about about the greater goodness sometimes and instead of just relaxing , you might have to do some work no matter how bothering it may be.

By Shivali Agrawal