In our world where being busy - rather too busy - is the celebrated norm, it is a good idea to take some time out for yourself. This art of lettering provides us with a chance to set aside the phone, ignore the calling computer, and just create. 

Why calligraphy?

Calligraphy and Hand-lettering ensure your body can relax: As you begin to write, you force your mind to search for creative sources from the world and become fully focused. To complete this retreat, consider putting on your favourite playlist, rounding up snacks and of course, wearing super-comfy clothing. After all, this is your time, and it will help you to refresh and rejuvenate. If you try a project and finish, you can easily ease back into reality with a fresh outlook and an improved mood!

Hand-lettering is also very good for personal development- It’s human nature to love learning and solving problems. We all have something (or many somethings!) that we are interested in, and it’s mentally stimulating to achieve goals associated with our interests. Lettering and calligraphy present a lot of opportunities to nurture and build new creative skills!

No matter how skilled you become, lettering and calligraphy always require some problem-solving. Every project is different; for example, one project may require you to make ombré lettering; while another may demand neat, precise capital letters. No matter what you create, it’s guaranteed to be challenging … you’ll never get bored!

Calligraphy is also a delight for friends and family. It’s a good feeling to make someone’s day, and everyone appreciates a beautifully lettered paper creation! From cards to mail art to bookmarks, there’s a lot you can create that will pleasantly surprise your recipient. You’ll be amazed at the people who appreciate your lettering efforts. 

As a teen, I know plenty of people wishing to make some extra cash- hand-lettering is a good way of doing so! If you enjoy lettering, then you might consider opening an Etsy shop that advertises your penmanship services. Many people find themselves in need of lovely calligraphy — particularly brides and grooms! There’s a beautiful, unique quality to hand-written addresses that computer printers simply can’t replicate.

Hand-lettering and Calligraphy are also easy ways to add decoration to your own events. If you’re a social butterfly who loves to have people over, you can use your lettering skills to enhance the ambience of your event. Place cards and hand-written menus can add so much to dinner parties! If you’re serving food buffet-style, you can make labels for all the dishes. That contributes to the aesthetics of a spread and fulfils the utilitarian purpose of letting guests know what everything is!

Even if you don’t put on a lot of gatherings, chances are you go to the occasional gathering. In that case, you can bring host or hostess gifts that feature eye-catching gift tags like the one below!

I believe that calligraphy is a beautiful way of developing mentally, socially and coordinately. However, if you start calligraphy ensure you know why! Then, whenever you start to feel discouraged, consider why you started in the first place, and why you want to continue. Lettering, just like anything, takes a bit of determination.

Stick with it, and you’ll experience fantastic results!