If you want to be inspired, motivated and invigorated to become better, happier and more determined to strive through hardships and take a new aspect of life, then Lucia Aide's 'Simplest Talks' will definitely help you with all of the above and much more. As young as 16 years old, Lucia has set up an organisation that supports young people struggling to find their voice amongst a world full of chaos and negativity.

Lucia quoted at one of her events that: "There are too many people striving to be somebody, instead of themselves. Self belief is key for progression! The theme of one of the events was ‘What We Have To Say!’ So it was important that we encouraged our audience to let us know what they have to say. These are some of the examples from our free write exercise."

As well as a motivational speaker, she is also a gifted singer and performer who uses her soulful voice to spread hope and positivity to a generation full of lost, misled people. Lucia and many of her other speakers share their personal, painful experiences with family issues and crime to inspire and guide others how not to be afraid and how "even in the darkest times, God is watching us and helping us and guiding us and loving us. We were never alone when we thought we were and never will be. All we need is faith and each other. That's all we can do in this small world."- Albertina Abilio, another speaker at one of the events.

For more information about the organisation and updates on future events, follow @simplesttalks on Instagram.

By Shamima Islam, William Perkin CofE High School