Recently a new primary school is being built next to our school, however many problems have risen from this, one being traffic on the Lane. Every day, before and after school, Hawksbrook Lane only has one entrance, this means that when children are being dropped off there is a lot of traffic. The primary school being built will be increase the amount of cars on the Lane, which could increase the chances of road accidents.

I spoke to some teachers and students who are in charge of trying to reduce the amount of students being dropped off. Currently they are asking pupils why they are being dropped off, the reason as to why they can’t be dropped off further or if there are any other transport methods to get to school on time. 

They plan to convince more students to walk or take the bus to school, this can help decrease the amount of traffic at the junction, and the amount of cars driving into the Lane. Once the primary school opens, if there is not a decrease in the amount of traffic, it can make it a hazard for younger children.