Recently on the way to and from school, myself and many other students, have noticed an increase in bus diversions, after some asking around I found out it was because of Improvements being made on the High Street, estimated to finish overall by August 2018.

There is funding from Transport for London Local Implementation Plan and Principal Road Maintenance programme and some funding from the council. The goal is to make the High Street  “a more attractive environment for shoppers and visitors to the town”. Some of the improvements being made are for all the pavements to be re-laid using high quality paving, along with roads surfaces to be re-laid. Other plans are making more footways when no cars are park, new facilities for cyclists, along with many more improvements. 

In some areas new zebra crossings will be made, along with adding new controlled pelican crossing near Sainsbury’s. All existing pedestrian crossing points will be improved by being widen and in some instances crossing distance will be reduced. This will help improve the safety for school children as there will be more availabilities to cross the road at crossings, reducing the risk of road accidents.