Weather affects your mood!

Where is the sun? Where is the hot weather? Where is the heat wave? April 19-22 Britain experienced a heat wave. Of course, us Brits love a heat wave, the sun is shining, and BBQ’s brought up, sunbathing in the garden. Ahhhhh… lovely, what more could you want? This never lasts though! Within a week the sun is all gone! Back, to the dreary old rain. Instantly, moods are dampened and members of the public feel glum and unhappy.  Yes, it is possible that the weather can change your mood.

Psychologists have proved this. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), this is where a person’s major mood is linked to the season, whether it is high temperature gives people a high it may also bring them a low. Sadly, it is proven that while springtime may be the season of hope for many, it’s the season of hopeless for those who are depressed. Perhaps buoyed by the increase in daylight and warmer temperatures, researchers (Koskinen et al 2002) found that outdoor workers were far more likely to commit suicide in the spring months than during the winter months. For indoor workers studied, suicides peaked in the summertime. Linking to this, your personality type is affected – 17% of those who loved summer had high spirits during sunshine and felt glum and anxious during precipitation, vice versa of the 27% of Summer haters, 9% of rain haters were more raging at times of precipitation and 48% were not impacted by the weather.

I interviewed my Mum, Emma McDermott, a local business owner about customers during this weather she said, “During the heat waves, my shop is booming! Customers will do anything to have a table in the sunshine. The weather instantly uplifts everybody’s mood’s”

Weather seems to have areal impact on people’s lives and mood especially. Do you decide to sit inside because its raining. The traffic is terrible on those days of heat waves. Most of society have the same outlook on the weather, but what is your seasonal preference?