New addington new facilities

For the past few months croydon has been working to improve facilities and bringing in new things to smaller areas to give the area more places to eat out and to socialise instead of travelling far out for basic things like takeaway. 

Back in December Croydon confirmed they were bringing more to new addington by confirming a dominos pizza takeaway would be available in the new year at the new addington parade. Planning started and they have now begun working on the pizza place and the takeaway is soon to be open to the members of public. This was a big move for new addington because there are not many big branded places in the area and this may bring a lot more customers and more attraction to the central parade. 

That's not the only thing new addington has recently received, they also opened up a coffee shop called 'costa' which has been a huge success because again there was not many places for people in the area to grab a drink and sit down and just hang out with a friend or go to do some work. This cafe has been successful and has been a good place for many people to go grab a quick drink or to grab a warm drink whilst sitting to do some work.

One person in new addington we spoke to said 'I love the cafe, it has been a perfect place for me to hang out with a friend and to grab a nice coffee. There has never been many facilities like this hat are quick and enjoyable around here so it's great to see things new brought to us'.
But that's not all, new addington have also spent thousands on a brand new gym leisure centre that is soon to be open which holds thousands of pounds worth of equipment which is going to be a great success for many of the local residents, so many people can use it to work out and get back in to shape without having to travel far out to get to the gym, it will be much more efficient. 

The community are very happy with the new and improved places entering new addington, as it is bring a much cleaner look to the small area and also offering many people different things to do, eat, drink and socialise. We're very excited to see how everything turns out and to see how the community enjoys the new things to come.