On the 14th of April Sydenham High School welcomed two exchange students from Perth, Australia. These students attend one of the leading girls schools in western Australia named St Hilda’s school for girls. They are staying with two pupils at Sydenham High School in Year 10 for 1 month and will have the opportunity to see the main attractions of London whilst also experiencing life as a Sydenham pupil. The exchange students will be able to take part in many activities and visits whilst they are in London, for example they will visit Brighton and attend DofE with the Sydenham students in the following weeks. Earlier this week the four girls were guests at the Dulwich College rowers evening and also enjoyed a bus tour around London.


Later this year the two Sydenham pupils will travel to Perth and stay at the girls boarding house living amongst other students and teachers. They will also spend a period of time with their host families at their houses. During their stay in western Australia the Sydenham girls will have the chance to immerse themselves in the culture and will receive select opportunities that may not be available in England. One of them being a ten day camp trip to the outback which is the equivalent to the UK’s DofE. This exchange has taken place annualy over the last few years and has so far been an overall success so it will hopefuly continue into the following years.

Amaia Cordeschi, Sydenham High School