It was the day of the long awaited visit, 12th April and all the girls were eager to take part in the #HERYoutube event at Google’s Digital Skills Academy. The fundamental aim of this programme was to teach young women about YouTube and what it takes to be a great YouTuber of which they participated in a variety of activities including, digital skills, networking with YouTube employees and fun challenges that could win you a tour of the YouTube space at Kings Cross.

Lola Olaore developed ThinkHERambition at Accenture and the social enterprise aims to “lead, inspire and motivate the next generation of young females”.

The challenge to win the tour of the YouTube space consisted of making a short preview of a YouTube account. Laughter filled the room as the short clips where played, while others hid their faces, “and the winner is... I POOPED MY PANTS”. Riju Prasai, a member of the winning video commented “I had so much fun and I would recommend future events that are soon coming up.” Riju Prasai also added, “The event was a spectacular opportunity to enrich my skills for my ambitions for the future.”

Are you interested in topics such as finance, technology or medicine? Well, ThinkHERambition will be running events such as these in the upcoming future.