While revellers celebrated the beginning of 2015 across London, an elderly mother, Doreen Nicholl, aged 86, and her son John, 61, lost their lives in awful circumstances as a faulty electronic item caught fire, spreading through the three-floor semi-detached house on Ashmead Road which they had called home for around 24 years. In reports following the aftermath the unfortunate events by News Shopper, close friends and neighbours expressed their anguish with one saying:

‘’I can't think of a worse way to die. She didn't deserve that and neither did John."

Another recalled meeting Doreen earlier that day:

"I told her 'I'm going now, I'll see you next year."

In April 2016, just under 18 months after the fatal incident, the fire damaged house was sold for £625,000 - according to the A&R Auctions website. Despite the recent history of the building, local links to transport and schools have contributed to a high selling price, two key features which have helped London property prices to skyrocket in recent years.

However, the house has remained unoccupied since the 2014 fire even after being sold 2 years ago, which has led to it becoming a somewhat haunting figure in the local area. Although the flowers of remembrance on the doorstep of 49 Ashmead Road may become increasingly scarce as time, as well as local residents move on, the unfortunate events that took place have had a significant impact on the area.

The eventual rennovation and occupation of this house would certainly be an ideal outcome.