"My Local Culture" Documentary.

Have you ever wondered how those that live around you view your community? Do you all think the same thing or do your pet peeves differentiate based around your age, gender, race or ethnicity?

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has launched a competition for school-aged filmmakers to produce a short documentary-style film celebrating their local culture. Each film must be no longer than three minutes and must display the love they have for the culture of the bourough they live in. The winners of this competition "will recieve £1,500 in filmmaking equipment, as well as professional training to help take their filmmaking aspirations further" and the deadline for the competition is January 31st 2018.

I asked Madison, a participant in this competition, her thoughts on this opportunity for the younger generation to get a small taste of the filmmaking world. She mentioned that "I have past experiences with filmmaking and would like to develop my skills further". She also added that "I am really excited to explore my community and work with my peers to develop an understanding of our local culture"

I also asked a teacher, whose students are participating in the competition, what her thoughts on this opportunity were. She said that it "Engages you with your communtity" and that it "Gets you used to meeting deadlines and the industry". She also suggested that it "Could instil a little bit of fear" but that "It's a good thing".

Clearly, this is a great opportunity for those that would love to "get to know" and explore the filmamking industry, and possibly even discover their love for filmmaking. We may have an undiscovered Hollywood film director in our local community!

Good luck to all those involved and we look forward to learning about your "Local Culture"!

Ellie Gray- Eltham Hill School.