Brownies – Corner Stone of Community

The Girl Guiding community not only helps young girls learn core skills but sets them up for a happier way of life. ‘A study of almost 10,000 people has found that taking part in Guiding or Scouting may help to lower the risk of mental illness in later life’.


The Brownie movement was originally first known as the ‘Rosebuds’, founded in 1914 by Lord Baden-Powell but run by his sister Agnes Baden-Powell, as the youngest group in the Guide Association offering the group for 7 – 10-year olds. However, due to multiple complaints to the name ‘Rosebuds’, the group was renamed the brownies in 1915 because of a book with the same tittle, the book told the story of two children who learn that children could either be helpful brownies or lazy boggarts. Over the years all types of people have been involved in this influential movement including several members of the royal family, Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Margret became involved in the movement as young children, Margret later to become the patron the guides. Now in the 21st Century, Guiding units exist all over the world in many continents and countries; Asia, Europe and the Middle east, showing how diverse and inclusive this organisation is.

From personal an experience, being part of a brownie pack is empowering, so many amazing opportunities given to you within the group as well as having the freedom to be an individual – all people are embraced. There is a real sense of togetherness and trust created, knowing everyone will be always friendly and kind – this was encouraged –  makes a difference to the children in the playground. It helps to make friends with people who you are unfamiliar with and continuously strives for good deeds to done. the group helped me learn about different cultures / countries, discover what life is like for those who are not so fortunate as myself or able bodied, we are taught to be inclusive. Independence is encouraged, often exciting trips planned entail staying weekends away from parents helping to create friendships as well as develop the children’s personalities away form the comfort of their homes. Staff are extremely supportive and dedicated to ensuring the children constantly have new and exciting things to be occupied with, they provide a place to feel safe and supported as well as place to grow. Teamwork is promoted, helping others and putting other people before yourself. Brownies packs are not possible if there were not people dedicated to giving girls especially, an alternative place to be themselves and learn – under no social media influences. They focus of children’s wellbeing want them to have fun, if it was not available for children then there would be no place for them to truly flourish and learn essential life skills.

It is easy to poke fun at brownies finding it funny or nerdy, but people need to look past it, this association is an especially important part of the community, dedicated to help girls grow up with the skills need to successfully progress in life and to contribute to society in a positive way.