In a recent statement made by the Chairman of the Royal College of GPs, professor Helen Stokes-Lampard claims that children should no longer leave sherry for Father Christmas. Professor Stokes- Lampard further explains the reason why she thinks that leaving the alcoholic beverage and mince pies for Saint Nic is so bad when saying ‘he may have gout, he may have alcoholism’ and that Santa Claus is ‘overweight’.

Many have commented on these statements saying that these are ‘scrooge doctors’ who are ruining the festive nature of Christmas or that the famous Santa Claus should not be described as ‘obese’ and an ‘alcoholic’. Whilst some of these opinions may be considered as accurate, people and parents say it is putting a negative twist on an otherwise childhood idol who teaches children that in order to get something out of life you need to be nice.

She also remarked on Santa being ‘sleep deprived’, and ‘stressed’, which could be seen as legitamate due to his ‘restless nights’ delivering presents, Professor Stokes-Lampard has been criticised for the statements as children do not want to perceive their heros as alcoholics who need to lose some weight and get more sleep. People will not let these theories  take away the  Christmas tradition of leaving out sherry and biscuits for Santa and the overall festivity in the home.

Amaia Cordeschi, Sydenham High School