Recently, there has been a report of a break in. On Saturday 30st December a family home in Bromley had been broken into. It has left the family distraught knowing that this has happened in a place they believed in. Imagine your own belongings being stolen?

It has been reported that a bike had been taken. Fortunately, the burglar never managed to step foot inside of the house but attempted to after shattering a window. Tracing the steps taken by the burglar, it started with climbing over the side gate which lead to the garden, when in the garden there was access to the shed and to property which was not securely locked away. After setting eyes on the bike, the window was smashed using a garden spade. The burglar left the garden in a bad condition after rummaging through the family’s items.

Currently the burglar is unknown but many neighbours have owned up to seeing an individual commit unusual activity in the area at the time. The victim expresses her disheartening views about the experience: “it is not what they take, but it is what they leave behind; constant worry and distrust.” The mother says that her young children are equally as scared knowing that there is a criminal roaming around town. Where can you feel safe if you cannot feel safe in your own home?

In 2017 Bromley faced 123 burglaries but this is continuously decreasing and is trying to be prevented by the Borough.

A huge amount of effort is being undertaken to find this criminal and it is a top priority knowing that it could occur again nearby. For now there is advice being given to locals which is to be extra cautious and potentially have house alarms set up.