One of the biggest branches 'Westfield' has made its way to Croydon. This company has two other shopping malls in London, one placed in Stratford and the other one placed in Shepherd Bush. These malls offer several different brands where people can shop for all types of things from clothes to homeware and other items! These malls have hundreds of stores and huge food courts where people are able to grab a bite to eat whilst shopping. 

Croydon will be starting this building process in the next year and we are told that this will be the biggest Westfield mall in England and will have over 100 stores and different facilities. This mall is going to be very successful and will be a very big thing for the residents who live in Croydon, it will open up thousands of jobs for people and will also have several more places for people to live but it will bring business and life back to Croydon, this will be great for the community and will be a good business move as it will bring a lot of money in to the community. This mall is estimated to cost 1.4 billion pounds and open up 7000 job opportunities 

The council believe it will bring "significant regeneration benefits" and it would make Croydon's reputation "one of the best destinations in the capital to live, work and play". They also see this as a 'bright future' for the Croydon community!

This project will start in the new year of 2019 which is the earliest they can start to bring this plan to life. Croydon community is excited to bring business in to the area and bring the place back to life.  

- Zoe-Jordan