Boot fairs in Kent are now very popular as you can find items of every genre.

Elena Santiago, a mother of 4 finds Boot Fairs are a great way to get rid of children’s clothes. “As I have 4 children, I have purchased many clothes over the years. It’s a shame to just throw them away”.

Most Car Boot Sale grounds/fields in Kent have a pitch fee ranging from £3.00-£25.00. Hayes Lane charges £12.00 for cars, £18.00 for Large Vans and an extra £3.00 for trailers. Sellers then, can enter the field from 6:00AM, as well as the public. “It’s a great way to make a few pounds on the kid’s old attire even though you have to wake up ridiculously early!”.

 Ms. Santiago sells children’s: clothes, shoes, accessories, books and toys. She normally does 1 car boot sale every month during the year except for 5 months as the boot fairs are normally closed due to weather conditions. “I make around £80.00 each time on average. Obviously, there are good weekends and some not as it depends if you have a good pitch”.

“So whether you are buying or selling have fun”

-Eleonora Broden-Barbareau