I know opera is not for everyone, however, if you can understand the story through music it will totally enrapture you. On 1st December 2017 I went to see “The Phantom of the Opera” at Her Majesty’s Theatre. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ has been playing at this theatre in London since 1986. It is the longest running show in the history of this venue.

The power of the music even after 30 years is still there with the synth orchestra. The continuously swirling keyboards draw you in from the onset, regardless of your age. The atmosphere is incredible and you feel your heart racing, especially as the chandelier rises with the outpouring of the title song which happens to be my favourite, followed by ‘Masquerade’.

I witnessed a vast operatic range beyond what I expected to see in theatre and found myself replaying the songs after the show. The voices of the Phantom (played by Ben Lewis) and his love, Christine (Kelly Mathieson) were so strong and passionate. They held the pitch perfectly that I was awestruck. The costumes and make-up was no less. The extravagance of the designs and the set all worked harmoniously. It was pure magic. I agree to some it may appear over the top, but for this show it was perfectly needed.

Having asked a theatre lover of their experience, this is what Anuja Patel had to say, ‘Watching the show again for the second time still left me mesmerised by the vibrancy and the power of this reputable musical. No regrets.’

The thunderous applause throughout the show also demonstrated how impressive it was to the whole audience.

If you are able to, go and experience Andrew Lloyd Webber’s gothic musical about a masked man and his dangerous obsession.

Rhea Patel, Farringtons School