Met Police released the figures last month as to the crime hotspots in Bexley. They are released by council wards, so if you don't know your council ward, you need to look it up.

Cray Meadows 12

St Mary's 11

Sidcup 10

St Michaels 9

Brampton 8

Crayford 8

East Wickham 8

Longlands 8

Northumberland Heath 8

Barnehurst 7

Belvedere 7

Blendon and Penhill 6

Falconwood and Welling 5

Christchurch 4

Lesnes Abbey 4

Erith 3

Thamesmead East: 3

Danson park 2

North End 2

Blackfen and Lamorbey 1

Colyers 1

As you can see, Cray Meadows has the highest amount of reported burglaries and Blackfen & Lamorbey and Colyers have the least. As of 2015, Cray Meadows has around 11,350 residents. Surprisingly, Colyers has more residents than Cray Meadows but the ward is in a forest and is geographically an area that conceals burglars more than an area in Colyers would, therefore they seem to get away easier than in Colyers or Blackfen and Lamorbey. St. Mary's is geographically a similar location, so the same story applies.

Bexley Police are also trying to catch 5 burglars, and are even appealing to the public to try and catch the criminals. If you have any ideas who these people are:

Gavin Harber

Joe Keane

Barry Kenny

Adam Yaroo

Michael Covington

Then please call 07468 717483 or crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Alternatively, you can email

Please, make sure your doors are locked and- if you witness a burglary or are victim of one please report it to the police.