After the holiday season ends, many continue to rely on the local food bank for support, but the giving season should not end now. In January, individuals in Bromley continue to struggle feeding their families and themselves but donations to local organizations during the first month after Christmas are typically lower than before. Since 2010 Bromley Borough Food Bank has been aiding those in need across Bromley.

 The Bromley Borough Food Bank has four locations across Bromley. Each location is open two days a week, with a four-hour session on each day. They serve a variety of people, some of whom are homeless, or others who cannot work due to mental health issues and some who lost their jobs due to no fault of their own. The food bank is often where those who are in serious need of help end up.

This year, the Bromley Borough Food Bank is expected to feed between four and five thousand individuals across Bromley and while they received countless donations leading up to the holidays, they are expecting to receive slightly less this January, based on the past  observation of volunteer Ann Brown. This is despite seeing more people come through their doors at this time of year. The food bank relies on these donations to feed the starving in Bromley. Most donations come from schools and churches in the harvest season, or local businesses and banks. Brown told me that “The public could be best involved by donating at their local supermarkets or at their churches.” Both the Bromley locations of Tesco and Waitrose have donation bins within their supermarkets. For more information check out