We have just entered the new year and Christmas seems a distant memory, yet your decrepit tree still sits in the corner somewhat neglected and your house is littered with family trinkets specifically for this festive period.

It may seem like a long time to keep your decorations up but today is the perfect day to take them down.

Ever heard of the twelve days of Christmas?

Well it is not the lead up to the day as pop culture may lead you to believe but in fact it is the days after, ending on January the 6th. Christmas is a Christian holiday on the 25th of December when they believe that Jesus was born. In the following days three wise men make the trek to Bethlehem to gift the son of God with gold, frankincense and myrrh. The trip to the manger where Mary, Joseph and Jesus were, took them twelve days and that is why it is usual to take down your Christmas decorations down on this day; which to Christians is called the Epiphany.

However, the superstition attached to taking Christmas ornaments down today has many different aspects attached to it and not all of them religious. When trees and foliage were used to celebrate the festive period, it was believed that tree spirits would shelter inside your chosen tree so they could be warm in the wintery season. If you did not get the trees out of your house by January 6th then the spirits wouldn’t be able to grow any other greenery for the rest of the year cursing you with food shortages but with most people using fake trees this no longer really applies even though some people still pay attention to the old superstition.

The Christian belief however, still stands the test of time. They believe that you need to keep your Christmas tree up with the star clearly on the top to work as a guide for the wise men to find Jesus.

So, whatever your faith make sure you are focused on the new year and resolve to make 2018 your best year yet!

By Charlotte Lee