Apparently the most depressing day of the year. What makes 15th January 2018 so hard for us to handle? 

As the memories of Christmas begin to fade and we enter the start of the new year, for many of us hard work like exams await; making this initially joyful period into a rather anxious one.

This date has been dubbed as 'Blue Monday' due to mathamatical calculations involving various factors such as:weather, debt, time until holidays, work and the time period. Mathmaticians used a formula in order to conclude that Blue Monday tended to be the most depressing day of the year an made it into a globally recognised day.

Although it is an official day in our calenders, are many people actually aware that this day is the day when we feel at our lowest or is this idea of depression on a specific date just a fad? 

How do you feel during this time? Anxious and low or similar to christmas and the end of 2017, and is it possible for you to be upbeat on this so called 'gloomy' day?