2018. It sounds so strange, unfamiliar a whole new year. A chance for a new beginning but what path will you choose, to live the same, worse or better.  You can decide. Most people approach this by making then later breaking new years’ resolutions. People often find it hard to stick to their resolution some lasting a few days, a week a month and then the rare few who last the whole year. It’s hard work to preserve especially when there’s 365 days between you and the accomplishment of your goals. Its easy to make a promise but even harder to commit to it.

However, there are many easy things you can do to help yourself. the best thing to do is keep an optimistic opinion. When asked some say that ‘they don’t really expect to keep their resolutions all the way.’ However, the general view that new years’ resolutions will always fail is what stops you from committing to your resolution. When you don’t expect to get far with your promise you feel that if you don’t keep your resolution its alright because you would have failed anyway. By keeping your attitude positive and staying optimistic you’ll feel more inclined to keep your promise when faced with temptation.

Another thing you can do is to Prioritize or reduce your resolutions. When presenting yourself with too many challenges and goals to achieve at once you can overwhelm yourself. Having too many resolutions will wear you down making it become easier and easier to break your resolution. By having only one or two that you focus on will relieve he stress and help you complete your goals. If you want to go through all of your resolutions, then you can prioritize the ones that are the most important first and then go through the rest.

So make 2018 a year to remember, it can be anything you want it to be.

By Sarnica Sivananthan Newstead Wood