Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have at least heard about memes or seen them at some point or another. They are virtually everywhere and with only a picture and a caption can make a person cry with laughter. There are uncountable numbers of memes flying through the internet right now so it’s hard to miss them.

But as well as being incredibly funny and entertaining, they can also be made into costumes for Halloween, party’s or for a fun school tradition. Some schools in the U.S have already started Holding meme days and the creative costumes and videos have went viral with millions of views.

It’s easy to understand why many schools in the UK might not allow it. Some may consider it useless and stupid or, think that students will take advantage of the day and wear their everyday clothes instead. I asked a student about their opinion on the subject and they said “It's a good idea that can create a great atmosphere at school and make things a bit different but some people could take advantage of it.”

Although, not only can it create a humorous atmosphere for the day but it can be a change from the repetitive school routine that most students have come custom to and give many of them something to look forward to. Obviously, the teachers are also able to take part so it’s for everyone to enjoy. But that’s not all, it can be a good way to collect money for charities so, if someone wears a costume they can donate some money to the selected charity.

I can somewhat understand why it’s hard for schools to allow it but what really is the harm of donating a day or two out of the school year to an enjoyable and helpful day?