As trees twinkle in festive homes over Britain, the joy and prosperity that Christmas and the New Year brings filled the nation. Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe were used to decorate homes along with bright lights to mark the magical period as we saw snow for the first time in a few years. Like a lot of countries, Nativity Plays, Carol Services and Markets are also very popular at Christmas time but the extent to which Britain is obsessed with the festivities is questionable.

On Christmas Day , 25th December, families gathered round the table to enjoy traditional meals including turkey, potatoes, mince pies and many other christmas fancies whilst watchinng the glistening snow settle outside.

New Year's Day shortly followed the fun and festive day on January 1st as the skies were illuminated by bright, picturesque fireworks and family and friends came together to celebrate the end of an amazing year and welcome 2018 .

Many Brits hit the streets over the holidays spending hundrends of pounds on presents and shopping , leaving us questioning whether or not it is 'the norm' or if we are generally obsessed with the celebrations.

Ultimately, families found themselves spending on average an extra £443.67 - £536.03 during December , a whopping amount when added up for the 65.64 million living in Britain.... we just can't get enough of the Christmas vibes and New Year joy.