Undoubtedly Christmas brings joy to everyone, but why do we spend so much money at this time of year? Isn’t Christmas supposed to be about seeing family and friends, to enjoy everyone’s company and not to splash the cash? I understand the enjoyment of waking up on Christmas morning and opening your presents but why do we do it? The average family in the UK spends £800 pounds on Christmas, that doesn’t sound like too much money but just think, say there is 15 houses down your road and they all spend £800 that is £12,000 spent on one day every year, Spending £800 pounds for one day of the year quite frankly sounds ridiculous, this money could do so much for us as a country, it could help improve our schools, our NHS system but we spend it on presents. I know I am beginning to sound a bit like Scrooge but how has this great nation become so dependant on nice things on Christmas time? The 3 wise men brought Jesus presents on his birthday which is Christmas so is this about upholding an ancient tradition or to get the best deals on things that marketers sell for extortional prices throughout the rest of the year. The social aspect of spending too much money on Christmas like I mentioned could be used for our economy but why can’t we just spend less on Christmas and still have some money left in the banks for January. Some could argue from this article that as a nation we are spoilt because we spend so much at this time of year, In my opinion I think we just fall for all of the good deals and get excited by the slashed prices, I believe that as a nation we could ultimately spend less at Christmas, do you agree?