Age definitely does not matter to make a difference. 

The NYN, Nepalese Youth Network, are a group of very proficient and passionate young people who aim to encourage Nepalese youth participation and empower them to lead on the next generation of the Nepalese community. The members consist of a variety of ages, from 10 year old to 24 year old. Founded in 2015, they surely have not failed in hosting very successful and energising events. The most recent event was the “NYN Christmas event” which was held at 30th December 2017. The event was held for the Make a Wish Charity foundation, and organised purely by the youths only.

“The aim of this program is to raise money for the charity and ensure that the youth of today’s Nepalese Society are more connected”, said one of the head organisers. 

“I think this was a very well organised event which was entertaining to both adults and children as well as working towards a good cause.” stated Mr Poudel.

As I attended the event myself, I can definitely say that the programme was accomplishing. It was very organised, from the moment you stepped inside the venue. The starter of human bingo was a good game to begin with as it allowed all the participants to socialise with new people. To make sure the youths were not only sitting with their friends and socialising, everyone was given a table number, in which the tables competed in a quiz with very exciting rounds of questions. 

There was also a balance of the cultural aspects; from traditional dance to singing to reading poems, everyone was able to show off their talents to the eager and earnest audience. 

In conclusion, it was definitely one empowering event which really proved that age does not matter to accomplish or make a difference.

All money collected from the event are going towards the charity.

Ursula Karki

Eltham Hill school