New Years is a time to celebrate but many people spend their time at home, unhappy as it is a time also for contemplating and they are unsatisfied with how their year has gone. However there are also many great things about New Years . It is a fresh start, all of the chances to begin again with a new attitude, which is where resolutions come in - promises to yourself to lead a more fulfilling life. However it is alarming how many people have the same kind of resolution, mostly to do with image. Losing weight is most people’s resolution and perhaps this is because of the pressure that society places on people to have a certain type of body. Or maybe everyone just wishes to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Another great thing about New Years are the fantastic celebrations that occur involving fireworks as well as big festivities which lighten the atmosphere and create a sense of awe and excitement about the future and what’s to come and the ability to change or more accurately the opportunity to change. New Years is the time to turn your life around. 

We have the Queen giving her messages, echoed by the Prime Minister giving  his speech allowing us to see other people’s perspective on the week- a chance to reflect on the values of society and the things which happened this year. The terrorist attacks, the coming together  throughout all of these hard time we have endured and now it is our chance to change this. This is what the true meaning of New Years is.