A year brimmed with corrupt governments, tragic natural disasters, and endless wars. A year of racism, slavery and misogyny – which were all thought to have ended years ago. A year where the public acted, the public took action, and the public spoke.

Here is the year in search for 2017:

How do Wildfires start?

How far can North Korean missiles go?

How much will the wall cost?

How many refugees in the world?

How do hurricanes form?

How to board up a window?

How to calm a dog during a storm?

How to help flood victims?

How to help refugees?

How to help Puerto Rico?

How to help Mexico?

How to help Las Vegas?

How to help Rohingya?

How to help Syria?

How to help Houston?

How to help Somalia famine?

How to help Sierra Leone?

How to help Grenfell tower?

How to help Puerto Rico?

How to help Venezuela?

How to help Napa Fire?

How to help Santa Rose?

How to make a protest sign?

How to run for office?

How to watch the eclipse?

How to make a difference?

How to be a strong woman?

How to be a good parent?

How to be a superhero?

How to be fearless?

How to move forward?

This year concludes a challenging yet an improved year. As a society, community and a huge family we must move forward and change our world for the better.

2018 - A year of prosperity or destruction?

By Nazeerah Patel